Truth or the Perception of it

Simeon ben Gamliel said that the world relied on Justice, Harmony and Truth, with Truth being the imperative as there would be no Justice without Truth and any Harmony based on falsehood only buckles into acrimony and strife. Two thousand years later, is Truth still paramount? Or is the Perception of Truth adequate acquiescence given our finite existence, for Justice is zero-sum and an individual’s consciousness of Harmony can only last as long as one’s humanly body.


My Eyes on You

“My Eyes on You” by Esmond Ng 01/06/10 © Copyright

I recall when the world for us stilled,
Nothing mattered much when I with you.
We talked for ages though we’ve just met,
Of similarities we did not reenact.

When gentle eyes yours set on mine,
My vision blurred from corner both sides.
For what my Heart sought I now see before,
My first True Love, perhaps my only all.

Know I that you will know this too,
That to me there is only one; only you.
Till now I could never like before,
My eyes on anyone set like I did yours.

I could not; never wander from you,
Your baring eyes spoke such cherishing truth.
That if eternity could be any longer to,
I choose my eyes, again will on you.



“Flowers” by Esmond Ng © copyright 11/01/06

In colors more varied than rainbows exhibit,
Petals from assortment of flowers they carry.
Like the beauty from which these chromatics due,
Such so is her liking for such colors; such hues.

For she be no favorite of particular bloom,
That all flowers be equal pleasing; receiving too.
I know not her but seems to me she,
In love with flowers than those buzzing around her constantly.

Not to say diddly of her nor just porcelain to view,
Nay don’t get me wrong, you deserve many festoons.
For flowers they belong only to an elegant minority,
And truth be, that you amongst the very few.

I adore the way your companion puts it,
That you be personified beast’s beau.
For most of us categorized as such,
And fittingly that Thee fits beauty’s shoe.


The Sixth Sense

“The Sixth Sense” by Esmond Ng © copyright 08/12/05

The first being you my eyes see,
That such is sense sweet of sight.
That Love they say blind is,
Nay I say for you not their visions find.

Secondly the serene sound of Thee,
Voice as choir concordant pleasing.
That all who chance hear of such music,
Shall no longer stray but choose near stay it.

Third my nose will first recognize,
That scent of fresh on Thy skin fine.
Which lingers as flowers in Spring,
Luscious I remember will always seem.

That fourth sense of touch never can forget,
The sensations when skins they match.
Cause hearts to beat uncontrollably,
And breaths hastened to the beats.

Only once did our lips meet,
Yet this fifth feeling is forever engraved deep.
The taste of innocent lips,
The pervading taste of Love’s reach.

Such are five senses commonly said,
But one more true that is the sixth.
That the one truth from the heart Love speaks,
Is the one which overrules all the preceding.


Four Dreams

“Four Dreams” by Esmond Ng © copyright 30/08/05

The other night you were away,
Out went I, gallivanting amidst boisterous crowds.
Fluttering to music or rather, noises all too loud;
Loneliness did help, aid to plug them out.

How happy you could not see,
My face that moment of message yours I received.
But it must have been noticed my face which gleamed,
For burdened everyone else’s around me.

Seemingly drunk I stammered home,
However fresh your memory I hold untainted close.
That all I can think of is Thee in foreign land remote,
And how far my baby is though under the same moon glow.

After much debate did my eyes actually occlude,
To sleep I thought “Hey, tomorrow will be better posed.”
Serenity tranquil associated to rest not true,
For it seemed my night was terribly consumed.

Four times aroused through the dark slumbers,
Each time I recall, I dreamt of only you.
And once did I cry before from truly forty winks awoke,
How else could my pillow and sheets be soaked?

They say a drunk’s word most honest; it be true,
Wanted to know whose name I’d call if I were juiced.
Wanted to see if in Love really I be with you,
No need an answer now for my seek of candor truth.

For know I this moment where it belongs,
My heart and yearnings; they for you.
At least I fathomed my feelings as honest real,
At least I know now my breath breathes for you.


“The Absence Of”

Is there such a thing as being cold? You might say: “Of course! My air-conditioner works like a refrigerator!” Well, the truth is that there really isn’t such a thing as “cold”. We can have heat, a lot of it, or sometimes very little of it. We can hit 458 degrees below zero which is no heat at all. However, we cannot go any lower than that. There simply doesn’t exist something called “cold”. We cannot measure cold. Heat is energy and measurable but cold is not the opposite of heat! “Cold” is a word we made up to describe the lack of heat.

Then is there something called “darkness”? We assume we see it every single night. The truth is…there isn’t! We can have little light, a lot of light, bright light or even flashing light. Darkness isn’t the opposite of light, it’s just the lack or absence of it. If there is such a thing called “darkness”, wouldn’t we be able to make it darker?

Similarly, we don’t have “death”. Death doesn’t exist as a substantial thing. It’s also not the opposite of life. Death is just the absence of life.

I was talking to a dear friend two nights back. She was saying that she can’t and/or doesn’t feel pain anymore. Immune, you might think? What did I say? “It’s not that you don’t feel pain, you just forgot how happiness and joy felt like.” My reasoning?

“Pain is not the opposite of Happiness. It’s the absence of it.”
~ © Esmond Ng 13/09/05


Dead without having dying

“Dead without having dying” by Esmond Ng 04/04/05 © copyright

My heart beats, yet I’m not of the living.
I’ve breath but it be not air I breathe.
Tears soak which my face yet not I’m crying.
Then why so am I still living?

Everywhere the world moving,
why feel I my world has crashed in?
If a smile future be on my face,
would thou think it be called smiling?

If be true special one me,
why has thou forsaken thee?
A friend I have in Him?
Why too He has left me?

My poet favorite did, say of Love smooth not running,
never did I comprehend thee, that he be truth is speaking.
Living but yet not living;
Dead without having dying.



“Fairytale” by Esmond Ng 27/03/05 © copyright

Once a time upon, grew a boy on tales;
of dragons slain’d and maidens rescu’d.
As of age he grew, traveled far in vain,
never found the tale he knew.

From lofty to dishearten’d did time prove,
soon abandon’d his search for his truth.
Norms became his norms
and dreams became standstill.

Then fate chanced upon him,
as sudden as floods on boxing due.
Heard of a princess,
distress could be still.

Awaken’d from deep slumber the knight arose,
remembering every aspiration and dream instilled.
Rode like wind, conquere’d all adversities till.
Like all written fairytales, happily ever after;
what he always knew.