One Lone Sheen

“One Lone Sheen” by Esmond Ng 28/07/12 © Copyright

Lustering up over heads,
Brightest only in the pitchiest dark nights.
You are like them, then again not,
As none near dazzling as Thee.

And though today be gayly bliss’d,
I’m sure a day aphotic and inky it is.
For I see as my head I lift,
Just one lovely, one lone sheen.


Tiffany Believes in Miracles

“Tiffany Believes InMiracles” by Esmond Ng 17/07/12 © Copyright

Tiffany Choo Yong Li (04/09/1987 – 13/07/2012)

You’re gone, yet you’re here,
You’ve left, yet in our lives inhabit.
Beautiful times they abide in our hearts,
Etched sorely in each every mind.

Love a word too faint describe,
All your friends of you surely none’d deny.
Fixedly you brought smiles and joy,
Typed boldly in our pages of life.

I’m sure I for many say this,
That I should have spent a bit, just a bit more time.
To catch up over coffee,
To have caught you in your prime.

Your luster flamed away fleetly,
The candle jealous’d of your shine.
But you lit up all of our nights,
And shone’d brightly in our darkest times.


I, Always

“I, Always” by Esmond Ng 28/02/11 © Copyright

When the night is in night,
And the dark becomes dark.
Then when its silence begin to ring,
There my ears for you be.

Tale upon rain,
And story upon storms.
Tell and tears bring to the weary,
My shoulders for you lean.

And with it winds,
Cold to the bone chilling.
If nothing warms this world seems,
Come and into my embrace me.

When it feels rather burdened,
And beyond floods they weigh in.
Should your feet crumble fall,
You unto me I shall carry.

For when all these dissipate,
With you I will be left standing.
For you when lost, in pitch sky I was,
Compassing for you always; a light shining.


You Still You? A Coffee Sometime?

“You Still You? A Coffee Sometime?” by Esmond Ng 24/02/11 © Copyright

Just on Monday I was reminded,
For a storey away close; Of you.
Just Today in chat my friend and I of,
Memories fond; our once’d treasured, Loved.

Today totally caught me off guard unexpected,
This Wednesday of news bad but in night appeared,
After Time had sailed you far along that River of Life,
Never thought I again would that memory in Real’s light.

You know you look the same no different from first,
When first I with at Harbor’s Front with you.
You look exactly how I remembered countless of times,
When we first dotted those stars on our only starred sky.

Perhaps a little weathered but still you,
Cherry-lipped and fair maiden’d skin I had in 05 described.
Perhaps a little jaded but still you to I,
Sunny eyed which warmed my chilled barefooted beach night.

And if you be reading this on this night I write,
Kid not I myself but still u and I same mind’d.
For those lavender moments we held close to mind,
A friend, could I ask for perhaps a coffee again sometime?


Why wasn’t I the First?

“Why wasn’t I the First?” by Esmond Ng 23/01/11 © Copyright

To me Love is but to Love,
Nothing less than which suffices the word.
To me Love is surely to give,
Unconditionally to put the other as first.

When sit I in still of night ponder,
Why of all do I miss Thee every unengaged?
Of my waking moments does do doeth,
That you fill my mind of you and your images.

Nothing else matters,
For you am I yours only should you ask given.
I am everything I choose for you be,
If only you see what I see.

But this night I sit again yet rethinketh,
What be I to you then I wonder.
Would I be to you what you be to me?
Would I be first everything just like my Love to me?

For you not to me what I to you,
Always had put in first place my heart true.
I believed once, I did,
I believed in you and me.



“Again” by Esmond Ng 28/07/10 © Copyright

Another year briskly it’s time again,
How age catches outruns our each day.
On not how each candle adds to date,
But on our virgin meet 27 shinings away.

5 and 2 months; resemblance to yesterday,
Though blink of eye, yours vividly remain.
I wonder if the flowers its’ scent will one day,
Be erased; forgotten, our Time in some place.

Know not when this silence of summer’s night fade,
My memories they bring me to that very first fate.
And before Time its habit to slip away,
This year once again, wishings; a Happy Birthday.


Singapore F1 GP Videos

Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix Videos along Marina Bay

Venue: Singapore Central Business District
Date: 28/09/08
Time: 8pm
Type: Night Race

What an amazing view I had from Ritz Carlton! I could see 6 turns on the track from where I was. Also managed to catch Piguet smash into the barrier and a “Red Bull” over-shooting into the excess area twice. I did miss the crash-out at one of the turns though as it was blocked by the grand stand area.

There was 2 favorite spots for me; the long stretch along Marina Bay and the “S” bend under the ECP. The long straight demonstrated not only the F1 vehicles’ astounding speed but also their insane braking ability! The “S” bend was really a spectacle of impeded clump manoeuvring for me.

Without ado, a video of the “S” bend at Turns 20 & 21:

This one shows Turns 16, 18, 19, 20 & 21:


Four Dreams

“Four Dreams” by Esmond Ng © copyright 30/08/05

The other night you were away,
Out went I, gallivanting amidst boisterous crowds.
Fluttering to music or rather, noises all too loud;
Loneliness did help, aid to plug them out.

How happy you could not see,
My face that moment of message yours I received.
But it must have been noticed my face which gleamed,
For burdened everyone else’s around me.

Seemingly drunk I stammered home,
However fresh your memory I hold untainted close.
That all I can think of is Thee in foreign land remote,
And how far my baby is though under the same moon glow.

After much debate did my eyes actually occlude,
To sleep I thought “Hey, tomorrow will be better posed.”
Serenity tranquil associated to rest not true,
For it seemed my night was terribly consumed.

Four times aroused through the dark slumbers,
Each time I recall, I dreamt of only you.
And once did I cry before from truly forty winks awoke,
How else could my pillow and sheets be soaked?

They say a drunk’s word most honest; it be true,
Wanted to know whose name I’d call if I were juiced.
Wanted to see if in Love really I be with you,
No need an answer now for my seek of candor truth.

For know I this moment where it belongs,
My heart and yearnings; they for you.
At least I fathomed my feelings as honest real,
At least I know now my breath breathes for you.


Half-Past Midnight

“Half-Past Midnight” by Esmond Ng © copyright 09/08/05

Half-Past Midnight, a time I look forward to every night recently;
When I stay glued to wait for Thee’s voice on other line so religiously.
That when retrospectively think back of these,
How many lovely nights did we chat away in secrecy?

Now that Thee is somewhat further away, snatched from me;
Does it mean that I wait not for Thee’s voice same time each lonely dark be?
Nay, I tell Thee I still do the same for now and eternity,
As long as I deem it all to be worth it; with no regrets live.

Even now it’s be somewhat long past it,
I long and pray even for a short message to make it sweet.
That each gloomy sky without hearing your voice gentle callings,
How then can you expect that I “Please to bed early”?


My Father who carryeth me

“My Father who carryeth me” – by Esmond Ng 21/04/05 © copyright

Dear Lord,

Oh how I’ve forsaken Thee.
For the last ten years, I thought Thee has too left me.
I do realize that answers may “No” sometimes be,
But never did I accept your decisions for me.
Oh how bad it was without Thee.
My life plagued like pagan Egypt,
How suffered I the ten years without ease,
Never felt ever that You be my peace.

Awakened this night all so suddenly,
Realized the pair of footprints be Thee that carryeth me.
Thank you for never letting go of this wayward sheep,
For everything, Thee has provided abundantly.
The two most important weeks to me you gave,
Of my life; others, most will never even glimpse.
I appreciate my Moulder and Father above,
Really Thee has been good to me.




Can you find the hidden message?

“Acronym” by Esmond Ng 25/03/2005 © copyright

Whilst stars shon’d dimly in cloud cover’d sky,
the mood not dampen’d; all is still bright.
It’s really no wonder why, if by me thou would realize,
The brightest of them all would on my right.
Lays’t down admiring the beauty from nature’s eye,
if nature be me, then thou be in my sight.
Lovely would be no other word,
then she who grac’d my night.

Yonder but yet next to thee, so seems close though far it now be;
why this feeling that dawns on me?
Of these questions in which minds’t uncontroll’d wander,
omega, it still ends with thee.
Uphoria and joy that follow it,
something a feeling excites me which.

Bare footed on  a chill’d beach night,
warm the sand stays though sun has slipp’d over the horizon line.
Emphasize can’t I more describe,
the warmth that comes with thou’s sunny eyes.

My O my, where seen I those cherry lips and fair skin light;
that heaven be so bias’d put all in one?
Years may pass, Kings abdicat’d,
yet to my heart’s Queen she is perfect’d.

Varies thee may, with wonders of powder,
but in fact thou’s beauty, is the wonder creator.
All fail not see, if beauty is skin deep,
deeper than that no worries, thou has aplenty.
Like the serene of night sea tranquility,
the feeling with thee it gives to me.
Embellish’d with jewels of laughter and cheer
never not will I ever dry nor withereth.
New brings old away, a beginning which may bloom;
if given both a little way soon.
Time may wash old wounds offshore,
but time should blows’t the direction of ahead.
If sentiments are link’d like we discover’d by the bay,
thou would knows’t what I say.
Next to thee I feel somewhat a likeness of me,
maybe we be concordant harmony.
Expect more of stargazing company,
we could have more if try we gradually.