Beloved Family & Friends, Thank You

“Beloved family & friends, Thank you.” by Esmond Ng & Ashley Yong 15/07/17 © Copyright

Beloved family & friends, Thank you.
For sincere blessings and ear-to-ear smiles,
Your heartiest laughter and merriment abound.
This day, not due us but you have helped shaped,
Our lives in some way, some part you played.
You believed in us, even partnered our crimes,
When you didn’t, you indulged us still, though, anyway, anyhow.
You sheltered us withal when we were weak,
Now indelible your auspice on we strong.
And for that, we can never thank you enough,
Thank you, our favourite people, our true love found.


In Memory

In Loving Memory of Stephanie Tan Lai Chan (23/01/89 – 01/01/10)

“In Memory” by Esmond Ng 02/01/10 © Copyright

I would see you almost every other day,
But yet you, I’d not know beyond your name.
Too few hellos and goodbyes we’d have,
Time too haste, too fast to chase.

We shared too, too little exchanges;
Of hearty smiles and laughter candor.
Of our ups and downs, and cheer and fears.
Fair in times like these never, know not I will ever.

I’d never know how your demeanor,
Of what your friends about you say.
How you’d react to the funny things, I have yet no chance to say.
Know not I will ever, this friend I have yet to truly make.

For our God has chosen for you,
To His bosom side to stay.
And though we’ll all miss you in our each own ways,
We’d like you to know, you were not in vain.

For your memories and image they live on,
In those whom sighted you as you blazed along.
Like a comet gone too soon,
We’ll reminisce till we’re blazed out too.

In three weeks 21 you’d be,
“Happy Birthday, Steph!” to you from me.
A final teary “Goodbye” for now it seems,
Hearts, your family, friends and me.


Here I’d be

“Here I’d be” by Esmond Ng 02/06/05 © copyright

No need for that,
Sorry a word not meant this way.
Thee had not done to me on purpose,
Not Thy fault what of me that hurts.

For in Love this I can say true,
That no right or wrong can define to.
Thus if Thou truly be happy,
What sorry is need’d from Thee?

If any at all blame be needy,
Then it should be me to shoulder all it.
For I give my every in heart too easily,
When I encounter someone so worthy.

It be not deceitfully contriv’d,
For I would not pain for myself had plann’d it.
But of nature’s course I genuine did,
Fall head over heels so badly indeed.

Though I say these all with prose poetic,
Every word single I mean sincere herein.
Addition, not to make Thee guilty,
For that is last I want to achieve;
Surely, more pains’t to me if I knew it.

If, ever, if one day, Thee finds’t different.
That your heart would start beat for me,
I would hear and here I’d be.
If Thee feels ever such feelings,
Please, run to me.

For present, it be enough for me;
To know that all is well for Thee.
That in my dreams I can also rest easy;
Sweet and sugary I too want clos’d eyelids see.

I tell you actually,
That each before dreams I’d be,
Praying secretly, everything smooth for Thee.
That not hurt nor frown ever win,
The chirpy laughter I remember so clearly.

And till that if ever day ever really occurs,
I’d be cheering you on, as a friend so dearly.
For if aid Thee should require of me,
You can trust your good friend here,
Here I’d be.



Can you find the hidden message?

“Acronym” by Esmond Ng 25/03/2005 © copyright

Whilst stars shon’d dimly in cloud cover’d sky,
the mood not dampen’d; all is still bright.
It’s really no wonder why, if by me thou would realize,
The brightest of them all would on my right.
Lays’t down admiring the beauty from nature’s eye,
if nature be me, then thou be in my sight.
Lovely would be no other word,
then she who grac’d my night.

Yonder but yet next to thee, so seems close though far it now be;
why this feeling that dawns on me?
Of these questions in which minds’t uncontroll’d wander,
omega, it still ends with thee.
Uphoria and joy that follow it,
something a feeling excites me which.

Bare footed on  a chill’d beach night,
warm the sand stays though sun has slipp’d over the horizon line.
Emphasize can’t I more describe,
the warmth that comes with thou’s sunny eyes.

My O my, where seen I those cherry lips and fair skin light;
that heaven be so bias’d put all in one?
Years may pass, Kings abdicat’d,
yet to my heart’s Queen she is perfect’d.

Varies thee may, with wonders of powder,
but in fact thou’s beauty, is the wonder creator.
All fail not see, if beauty is skin deep,
deeper than that no worries, thou has aplenty.
Like the serene of night sea tranquility,
the feeling with thee it gives to me.
Embellish’d with jewels of laughter and cheer
never not will I ever dry nor withereth.
New brings old away, a beginning which may bloom;
if given both a little way soon.
Time may wash old wounds offshore,
but time should blows’t the direction of ahead.
If sentiments are link’d like we discover’d by the bay,
thou would knows’t what I say.
Next to thee I feel somewhat a likeness of me,
maybe we be concordant harmony.
Expect more of stargazing company,
we could have more if try we gradually.