Tiffany Believes in Miracles

“Tiffany Believes InMiracles” by Esmond Ng 17/07/12 © Copyright

Tiffany Choo Yong Li (04/09/1987 – 13/07/2012)

You’re gone, yet you’re here,
You’ve left, yet in our lives inhabit.
Beautiful times they abide in our hearts,
Etched sorely in each every mind.

Love a word too faint describe,
All your friends of you surely none’d deny.
Fixedly you brought smiles and joy,
Typed boldly in our pages of life.

I’m sure I for many say this,
That I should have spent a bit, just a bit more time.
To catch up over coffee,
To have caught you in your prime.

Your luster flamed away fleetly,
The candle jealous’d of your shine.
But you lit up all of our nights,
And shone’d brightly in our darkest times.


Merry Christmas

“Merry Christmas” by Esmond Ng 15/12/11 © Copyright

It’s been an awful long time since last engaged we,
But that doesn’t mean our friendship to any less.
Still remember I thee as that lovely girl I first eyed,
Oh what joy, youthful infatuations from my past.

Thank you for creating that pivotal point in my Life,
And a juncture that I visit every now every then.
Say so today as I would have back then,
Ay, thy cherry lips and skin fair as palely ice.

Nae man can tether time or tide,
All’s gone are but memories which I treasure hold tight.
Irrevocably, my days more colored for met I you,
So fate and fortune decreed I met thee in my time.


Happy Birthday!

“Happy Birthday!” by Esmond Ng 28/07/09 © Copyright

Have a blast; some merriment this day.
Joyful gaiety due none can take away.
And to you all festives will surely give way,
For it be for you that these galas grace.

Though these words replace not how much I have to say,
You of all will know what needn’t be displayed.
It is in times like these when I distanced, I pray:
Longstanding wishes & Happy Birthday!


Love is King

“Love is King” by Esmond Ng 21/10/08 © Copyright

By King; not of monarchial palatine,
But that of sovereign authority.
That Love is King,
The potent utmost of feelings.

For towers it his adversary,
Hate that chew’d through humanity.
The nemesis most reputed regentship,
That Love defeats whole-heatedly.

So true they say of it,
Love conquers all through ages repeat.
Care it be tempestuous heat,
Love would always cool the salvage beast.

Not of just trouncing its archenemy,
The transmuting to lesser of hostilities.
Also but with Love comes many,
Blitzkrieg transmogrifications scary.

For Love can crash the deepest of seas,
From Love to Hate and aggression leads.
But too Love can scale insurmountable peaks,
Comes Joy and Happiness beyond speech.

What then cursory speak of Love we?
Nay I say speak but only reverence should we.
For it be what it is,
The root of all feelings King.


“The Slumber Baby”

“The Slumber Baby” by Esmond Ng © copyright 05/02/06

Was cruising on the expressway last dark,
Soft the radio croons my favorite tunes.
There on not my right but left be,
A slumber baby midst in her dreams.

Were they sweet saccharine sugary?
The cloudland I pray not too cloyingly.
For revel I in her faerie form in silent sleep,
Not to wake but in still repose I enjoy see.

Admit I that lonely the drive not be,
For alongside me a little slumber baby.
And those stolen glances occasionally at she,
That the journey no longer seems a journey.

Such enchanting company; the slumber baby.


Wish you with me

“Wish you with me” by Esmond Ng © copyright 30/08/05

In glee, my joyous soul longeth for Thee;
To share and savor each victory with Thou art and only.
That each becomes a pleasantly sweet memory,
One which I can in retrospect say: “Ah, I did that with Thee!”

In melancholy, my woeful heart’s voice calls for Thee,
To find solace and comfort when Thee beside me.
That Thou’s assuring voice and hug can be just as sugary,
As ye sunshine smile when I set eyes on my lovely.

Where art Thou when I so pined for Thee?
Where art Thou when moments I so wished spent along my baby?
That I could have so much more pleasing dreamings,
Where art Thou when I wish you with me?


“The Absence Of”

Is there such a thing as being cold? You might say: “Of course! My air-conditioner works like a refrigerator!” Well, the truth is that there really isn’t such a thing as “cold”. We can have heat, a lot of it, or sometimes very little of it. We can hit 458 degrees below zero which is no heat at all. However, we cannot go any lower than that. There simply doesn’t exist something called “cold”. We cannot measure cold. Heat is energy and measurable but cold is not the opposite of heat! “Cold” is a word we made up to describe the lack of heat.

Then is there something called “darkness”? We assume we see it every single night. The truth is…there isn’t! We can have little light, a lot of light, bright light or even flashing light. Darkness isn’t the opposite of light, it’s just the lack or absence of it. If there is such a thing called “darkness”, wouldn’t we be able to make it darker?

Similarly, we don’t have “death”. Death doesn’t exist as a substantial thing. It’s also not the opposite of life. Death is just the absence of life.

I was talking to a dear friend two nights back. She was saying that she can’t and/or doesn’t feel pain anymore. Immune, you might think? What did I say? “It’s not that you don’t feel pain, you just forgot how happiness and joy felt like.” My reasoning?

“Pain is not the opposite of Happiness. It’s the absence of it.”
~ © Esmond Ng 13/09/05



Can you find the hidden message?

“Acronym” by Esmond Ng 25/03/2005 © copyright

Whilst stars shon’d dimly in cloud cover’d sky,
the mood not dampen’d; all is still bright.
It’s really no wonder why, if by me thou would realize,
The brightest of them all would on my right.
Lays’t down admiring the beauty from nature’s eye,
if nature be me, then thou be in my sight.
Lovely would be no other word,
then she who grac’d my night.

Yonder but yet next to thee, so seems close though far it now be;
why this feeling that dawns on me?
Of these questions in which minds’t uncontroll’d wander,
omega, it still ends with thee.
Uphoria and joy that follow it,
something a feeling excites me which.

Bare footed on  a chill’d beach night,
warm the sand stays though sun has slipp’d over the horizon line.
Emphasize can’t I more describe,
the warmth that comes with thou’s sunny eyes.

My O my, where seen I those cherry lips and fair skin light;
that heaven be so bias’d put all in one?
Years may pass, Kings abdicat’d,
yet to my heart’s Queen she is perfect’d.

Varies thee may, with wonders of powder,
but in fact thou’s beauty, is the wonder creator.
All fail not see, if beauty is skin deep,
deeper than that no worries, thou has aplenty.
Like the serene of night sea tranquility,
the feeling with thee it gives to me.
Embellish’d with jewels of laughter and cheer
never not will I ever dry nor withereth.
New brings old away, a beginning which may bloom;
if given both a little way soon.
Time may wash old wounds offshore,
but time should blows’t the direction of ahead.
If sentiments are link’d like we discover’d by the bay,
thou would knows’t what I say.
Next to thee I feel somewhat a likeness of me,
maybe we be concordant harmony.
Expect more of stargazing company,
we could have more if try we gradually.