Goodbye Yeye (30/05/1912 – 24/05/2016)


“Goodbye Yeye” by Esmond Ng 24/05/2016 © Copyright

As I watched the air drawing its breath from you,
I leaned in and told you “I love you,” twice.
Like a fulfilled battery stilling a needle hand,
My goodbye was halted unexpectedly.
Whilst the heat on your cheeks left coordinately haste,
I gently lifted your head and ran my comb through your already neat whites.
No longer would I be pushing you to the hairdresser’s now;
No longer would I get to see your mirrored smiles.
I write as though I loved you so,
But truth be your love for me much more.
Though I gazed only upon the candled cake,
Yours was always only on my face.
Thank you Yeye for bearing me this thirty-seven years with,
And for loving me unconditionally.

~ Ah Mond