Truth or the Perception of it

Simeon ben Gamliel said that the world relied on Justice, Harmony and Truth, with Truth being the imperative as there would be no Justice without Truth and any Harmony based on falsehood only buckles into acrimony and strife. Two thousand years later, is Truth still paramount? Or is the Perception of Truth adequate acquiescence given our finite existence, for Justice is zero-sum and an individual’s consciousness of Harmony can only last as long as one’s humanly body.


El Amor De Mi Vida

“El Amor De Mi Vida – Esmond Ng 08/03/04” © copyright

I wish I wake up every day embracing my sweet caress, cuddling in her lucious locks and skin so fresh. Opening my eyes I long to see, what in your eyes you mean to me. How fine each morning would be then when you next to me.

I would be the happiest man, to see you grow, mature and old along me. Cook your breakfast make you coffee or maybe tea. Spend now, tomorrow and forever in harmony. Oh how wonderful life would be!

You would be my jewel, gem and apple eye. My love, goddess, nymph, so divine. In your warm embrace I race to find, so hopefully, thankfully God bid me to be your valentine.

You to me be everything, I to you be the world you’ll find. Never a story, a fairytale so perfect in rhyme. Should thou ever think, hesitate or contemplate if I be your true love find, run to me and we’ll see, we’ll decide.

We in synch, ever synchronised, be the envy of those who vie. Together we could be, in love ever truthfully; the romeo, the juliet of this century. Only you can make me cry and make me laugh at the very same time.

We would be most heart-felt by those who past; to have lived, not regretted to have walked this path. Be it sickness, strive or strain, we cross hearts and together bear this pain. Only you could ever make me complete and tear my existence should you please. So please, if it be me, treat me ever, ever so gently.