Similitudes Dans La Vie

“Similitudes Dans La Vie” by Esmond Ng 11/07/11 © Copyright

I dithered entire the week,
On how the weekend’s play would play.
For it’s been years since we lipped last,
Of the things we both same’d.

I dreamt a dream of you thrice,
I glimpsed a glimpse of the day next.
Was I really so aflutter of it all,
Or did I for this longed too elongate?

It finally came; awed I remain,
On circumstances, on how we can still relate.
Some things will remain some things,
And some friends we’ll surely see again.

Over food we did masticate,
By the waters we did exchange.
Charmed, the way connected we,
Seems not like time estranged.

The twists and turns we together saw,
The night’s song a little short we complained.
Our chariot was lengthy the wait,
But a little longer I secretly wished away.

No matter multiday had things some changed,
No matter how we both aged grace.
But for all it seemed on Saturday,
It seemed we stilled in ways we stayed.


Happy Birthday!

“Happy Birthday!” by Esmond Ng 28/07/09 © Copyright

Have a blast; some merriment this day.
Joyful gaiety due none can take away.
And to you all festives will surely give way,
For it be for you that these galas grace.

Though these words replace not how much I have to say,
You of all will know what needn’t be displayed.
It is in times like these when I distanced, I pray:
Longstanding wishes & Happy Birthday!


Life is Beautiful

“Life is Beautiful” – 28/09/04 © copyright Esmond Ng

Life was never meant roses lining the way
Nor it be shelter from storms and winds strong
If it truly be of other case
Then never will thee see wars that cometh strife and pain’st

God, my father whom doeth incredible things
Not see do we his fathomed plans which play
Meant not what rain is to us, but is to trees on the plain
Sometimes really Fate not work our way

Cry you, “Please be like yesterday”
“Pray no”, I say to thee as no such thing
As rainbows grace the blue after the grey as you’d think’st
So too, look forward to the after where there is not yet pain

If Achievement came before Failure as in dictionaries’ say
Man would know never how success came
Memories honestly mean the past now sunk’st
Why bore over then relish the already won

Phyllis which is green bough to the Greeks
Signifies Life from you which brim
Never did leaves cease growing should they be trimm’d
Ask, why then should thee not flourish again.


Your Moments – 911

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take. But by the moments that take your breath away.” Source: Unknown

How true. The overlooking view from the top of a subdued mountain. The serenity of nature. The first time your kite took flight. When first you heard “Daddy” from your child. The smiles you drew from your loved ones. The times you cherish together. The very love and mercy of God. How many times have you had your breath taken away this week? Remember them, for they are what you really live for.

911-Sept, 11. A special dedication towards the families, friends and loved ones of all those who were lost but now are found; in His loving hands. May God keep those who still hurt in His abundant love and grace. Amen. And till all wounds are healed, remember “your moments”.