Tiffany Believes in Miracles

“Tiffany Believes InMiracles” by Esmond Ng 17/07/12 © Copyright

Tiffany Choo Yong Li (04/09/1987 – 13/07/2012)

You’re gone, yet you’re here,
You’ve left, yet in our lives inhabit.
Beautiful times they abide in our hearts,
Etched sorely in each every mind.

Love a word too faint describe,
All your friends of you surely none’d deny.
Fixedly you brought smiles and joy,
Typed boldly in our pages of life.

I’m sure I for many say this,
That I should have spent a bit, just a bit more time.
To catch up over coffee,
To have caught you in your prime.

Your luster flamed away fleetly,
The candle jealous’d of your shine.
But you lit up all of our nights,
And shone’d brightly in our darkest times.


Similitudes Dans La Vie

“Similitudes Dans La Vie” by Esmond Ng 11/07/11 © Copyright

I dithered entire the week,
On how the weekend’s play would play.
For it’s been years since we lipped last,
Of the things we both same’d.

I dreamt a dream of you thrice,
I glimpsed a glimpse of the day next.
Was I really so aflutter of it all,
Or did I for this longed too elongate?

It finally came; awed I remain,
On circumstances, on how we can still relate.
Some things will remain some things,
And some friends we’ll surely see again.

Over food we did masticate,
By the waters we did exchange.
Charmed, the way connected we,
Seems not like time estranged.

The twists and turns we together saw,
The night’s song a little short we complained.
Our chariot was lengthy the wait,
But a little longer I secretly wished away.

No matter multiday had things some changed,
No matter how we both aged grace.
But for all it seemed on Saturday,
It seemed we stilled in ways we stayed.


You Still You? A Coffee Sometime?

“You Still You? A Coffee Sometime?” by Esmond Ng 24/02/11 © Copyright

Just on Monday I was reminded,
For a storey away close; Of you.
Just Today in chat my friend and I of,
Memories fond; our once’d treasured, Loved.

Today totally caught me off guard unexpected,
This Wednesday of news bad but in night appeared,
After Time had sailed you far along that River of Life,
Never thought I again would that memory in Real’s light.

You know you look the same no different from first,
When first I with at Harbor’s Front with you.
You look exactly how I remembered countless of times,
When we first dotted those stars on our only starred sky.

Perhaps a little weathered but still you,
Cherry-lipped and fair maiden’d skin I had in 05 described.
Perhaps a little jaded but still you to I,
Sunny eyed which warmed my chilled barefooted beach night.

And if you be reading this on this night I write,
Kid not I myself but still u and I same mind’d.
For those lavender moments we held close to mind,
A friend, could I ask for perhaps a coffee again sometime?


In Memory

In Loving Memory of Stephanie Tan Lai Chan (23/01/89 – 01/01/10)

“In Memory” by Esmond Ng 02/01/10 © Copyright

I would see you almost every other day,
But yet you, I’d not know beyond your name.
Too few hellos and goodbyes we’d have,
Time too haste, too fast to chase.

We shared too, too little exchanges;
Of hearty smiles and laughter candor.
Of our ups and downs, and cheer and fears.
Fair in times like these never, know not I will ever.

I’d never know how your demeanor,
Of what your friends about you say.
How you’d react to the funny things, I have yet no chance to say.
Know not I will ever, this friend I have yet to truly make.

For our God has chosen for you,
To His bosom side to stay.
And though we’ll all miss you in our each own ways,
We’d like you to know, you were not in vain.

For your memories and image they live on,
In those whom sighted you as you blazed along.
Like a comet gone too soon,
We’ll reminisce till we’re blazed out too.

In three weeks 21 you’d be,
“Happy Birthday, Steph!” to you from me.
A final teary “Goodbye” for now it seems,
Hearts, your family, friends and me.


I Love You

“I Love You” by Esmond Ng © copyright 03/03/06

These three words most commonly used;
Misused, underused and superfluously accented.
For oft-imagined they only indulged in Lovers’ converse,
Neglected Love of kinships and friends due.

If Fate so callously command should to me,
That next beautiful sunrise again I will never see.
Then let all I adore be told these three,
Lest they cease to ever remember me remember Thee.

For Love be from me to my Parents rightfully,
And Love be to all close or even acquainted me.
Not least be Love to fore Lovers of mine give,
That each did I bare for Thine wholeheartedly.

Did chance not I had to profess all these?
Nay I say, for my actions they preceded me.
Only for moments with me not around to please,
I Love You for moments just like these.


Having the same dream

My friend, siLLyeGG wrote the following:

“She” © 17/08/05
She may be the onli one I ever need
Except that she is now wif another kidz
Loving her secretly was not that sweet
In my mind I have feel the heat
Not knowing of what she may thinks
Alone I stay and continue my dream…

No offense but in some way, we share the same dream. In response:

“Having the same dream” by Esmond Ng © copyright 19/08/05

My dream from awaken from slumber sweet,
Yet it be like still in drowse this romantic reverie.
She may be another’s only and ever need;
Else that, however her heart already with me.
Lest I be just some other simpleton kid,
I believe it be more than child’s play that me she fancies.
Not at all secret that Thou’s Love for her scorned in heat,
Agree I, that loving her is no easy feat.
Again reality painfully bites when arisen from sleep,
Not alone you, I too find solace so comforting in dreams.
Deem us Shakespeare’s blinding fools we both be,
Men in Love never really could objectively see.
Else why would He say: “…so is all nature in love mortal in folly.”


The different same old bridge

“The different same old bridge” by Esmond Ng 18/05/05 © copyright

Walk’d back to the all so familiar bridge.
Today it seems gloomy, might may drizzle rain due.
Stopp’d and sat on the same damp seat,
Today it really be different, the same old bridge.

The entire arvo I did spend by the bay,
Waiting for sights so well I knew.
But never did my eagle appear,
Nor my differing poles look pretty still.

People that jostl’d, travelers fearless of ye heaven’s tears.
Flashes that capture memories, all were in use.
Even a newly wed, in angelic whites brave’d;
The rain, which fell on me only feel.

Time on bridge which for we still’d;
Had left my side like which you did too.
Time, no longer a friend on ye lovely bridge.
For grey turned to darks’t and day to night’s way gave.
Nay, the different same old bridge did not stand still.


What is Love?

Was inspired to write this through my friend’s wedding earlier this year. I remember that a big group of us were invited to the dinner. Being the “official” group, we actually made his life very difficult. The emcee, who was also one of us decided to bombard him with a host of obstacles and questions before he can reach the stage to cut the cake.

Of the questions, there was one that struck me particularly. “How much do you love your wife?” After some pondering, he said: “Deeper than the ocean, wider than the sea.” So I asked myself. “If I were asked the very same question, what would my answer be?”

“What is Love?” By Esmond Ng © copyright 16/05/05

On my accustom’d bed laid I, grimly darks’t only moonshine through curtain slits;
My mind wonders’t, ponders and travels far within.
Of the meagre light shone, cast dainty a shadow on my wall facing.
Could this be my shadow? The shadow which of me speaks.

Thus called I out to him. “What be Love? My dear man, please forward me.”
“What be Love to you do you deem?”

“Is all talk about oceans deep and mountains steep that true Love sits?”
“Or rather the eye of Love’s first sight; a feeling from within?”
“Maybe, even a warm fuzzy heat that burns like fire uncontroll’d?”
“At the very least, it must be some form of comfort, familiarity and ease?”

Then my shadow spoke: “What be it really to you, Love?”
“The most important person and thing to you think of.”

As I laid, close my eyes and a tear roll’d it’s way out.
For at that tear’d instance knew I, what I’d say if asked.
“How much you, do Love me?”
My answer be: “More than myself deep.”


Dead without having dying

“Dead without having dying” by Esmond Ng 04/04/05 © copyright

My heart beats, yet I’m not of the living.
I’ve breath but it be not air I breathe.
Tears soak which my face yet not I’m crying.
Then why so am I still living?

Everywhere the world moving,
why feel I my world has crashed in?
If a smile future be on my face,
would thou think it be called smiling?

If be true special one me,
why has thou forsaken thee?
A friend I have in Him?
Why too He has left me?

My poet favorite did, say of Love smooth not running,
never did I comprehend thee, that he be truth is speaking.
Living but yet not living;
Dead without having dying.