Singapore F1 GP Videos

Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix Videos along Marina Bay

Venue: Singapore Central Business District
Date: 28/09/08
Time: 8pm
Type: Night Race

What an amazing view I had from Ritz Carlton! I could see 6 turns on the track from where I was. Also managed to catch Piguet smash into the barrier and a “Red Bull” over-shooting into the excess area twice. I did miss the crash-out at one of the turns though as it was blocked by the grand stand area.

There was 2 favorite spots for me; the long stretch along Marina Bay and the “S” bend under the ECP. The long straight demonstrated not only the F1 vehicles’ astounding speed but also their insane braking ability! The “S” bend was really a spectacle of impeded clump manoeuvring for me.

Without ado, a video of the “S” bend at Turns 20 & 21:

This one shows Turns 16, 18, 19, 20 & 21: