Zak’s Custom Cue

Just thought I might give my cue some paparazzi attention since it has served me well for close to 10 years!

Workmanship and quality is top-notched. It has survived seasons, climate changes and a number of plane rides. (warped just very slightly in the 10 years, but still a lot ‘straighter’ than most new cues)

Had it made back when I was staying in Queensland. Quite a popular custom cue maker over there.

Brand: Zak’s Custom Cues
Model: Custom Made
Type: 2-Piece ‘3/4’ Cue
Joint: Short-Head Brass Joint

Ferrule: Short Brass
Tip Diameter: 9 mm
Tip Used: ‘Compressed’ Blue Diamonds
Butt Circumference: 98 mm
Weight: 18+ oz

Shaft Length: 42″
Butt Length: 13″
Total Length: 55″
Balance Point: 14.5″ from Butt End

Shaft Material: Dark Ash
Butt Material: Ebony with single Rosewood Splice
Badge: Glass-Covered Rectangle Badge (a one-off)

– 28″ Custom Butt Replacement Extension (not screw-on below the butt)
– 26″-37″ Telescopic Extension (slip-on)

Some Aluminum Case that I bought from Day 1. (I’m surprised the case lasted this long)


The "Onionhead" that my GF bought because she says he looks like me!

The club I used to play at.

Just don’t ask me how much I spent on it. LOL
(Worth every penny though)


Fresh Start

It came to that point of time again that I decided this website needed a fresh start. I’m still figuring out how to make sense of this new layout but at this moment, I’m loving it! Incidentally, this change also coincides with my struggle for new slates in both my career and faith renewal. Please be patient as more content will be published soon.

I’d probably re-post some of the older articles which I liked from my previous blog first. If anyone is interested, it’s at