Make the next happen

So many are trending about bye bye horrible 2011, i’ll make things right etc. come 2012. Oh common, wake up already people! Everyday is a new day, just as precious as the last and the next. It’s called “Today”. Do something with it. Peace.

“You can’t change things; you make the next happen.”
~ © Esmond Ng 27/12/11


Thinking of You

“In-between those hustles in Life, I sometimes afford a snap of idle rumination, where things around me would slow, gradually, to a crawl, and just before anchoring to that irreversible still, I see. I see clearly what has passed, as if it were flashing in front of the now moored inactivity. Not I one who perfect-bethinks of my battered past, but more of an inability to remove myself from my aggrieved. When only in such allayed mood would I lose control and regret that breather of initially. What have I done or did not possibly? That time actually kills me, ironically, muffled from its chase, however impossible by this inasmuch logic. It is in such that while quietly wasting away, I think of you. That my disconnecting moments, they belong to you. And I realize, not least bewildered, that it is all I do these days. Then I wait. I wait for time to flinch again.”
~ © Esmond Ng 22/12/11


Merry Christmas

“Merry Christmas” by Esmond Ng 15/12/11 © Copyright

It’s been an awful long time since last engaged we,
But that doesn’t mean our friendship to any less.
Still remember I thee as that lovely girl I first eyed,
Oh what joy, youthful infatuations from my past.

Thank you for creating that pivotal point in my Life,
And a juncture that I visit every now every then.
Say so today as I would have back then,
Ay, thy cherry lips and skin fair as palely ice.

Nae man can tether time or tide,
All’s gone are but memories which I treasure hold tight.
Irrevocably, my days more colored for met I you,
So fate and fortune decreed I met thee in my time.


Missing Nadia

“Missing Nadia” by Esmond Ng 01/12/11 © Copyright

(07 Feb 2006 – 29 Jan 2010)

The memories you left, created treasures more King,
The pain we embrace, we rejoice for meaning we did.
Our tears, they bridge a stairway for us to reach,
Your wings around us surely, when hear we rustle of winds.

We miss you so much Nadia.