Kelly’s Garden

“Kelly’s Garden” by Esmond Ng 18/11/09 © copyright

One of palettes and scents aplenty,
With breaths of each become more compelling.
That this Garden which so seemingly unassuming,
Is really worth one’s time in revisits.

Once on the hills with stalks petaled in,
Against the vast ground of evergreens,
Contrasts that accentuates your lovely lovelies,
Awed stand I when you I chanced to meet.

For under the sky blues and puffs of white,
There they sit demure and so very poised.
And when in gentle winds they brush across,
Their leaves like hair flows just like yours.

Those to the Garden will sight what I see,
Surely those I describe convert too to attest it.
With each picture my lit eyes are color-blushed,
Long I to Kelly’s Garden again fast.