Zak’s Custom Cue

Just thought I might give my cue some paparazzi attention since it has served me well for close to 10 years!

Workmanship and quality is top-notched. It has survived seasons, climate changes and a number of plane rides. (warped just very slightly in the 10 years, but still a lot ‘straighter’ than most new cues)

Had it made back when I was staying in Queensland. Quite a popular custom cue maker over there.

Brand: Zak’s Custom Cues
Model: Custom Made
Type: 2-Piece ‘3/4’ Cue
Joint: Short-Head Brass Joint

Ferrule: Short Brass
Tip Diameter: 9 mm
Tip Used: ‘Compressed’ Blue Diamonds
Butt Circumference: 98 mm
Weight: 18+ oz

Shaft Length: 42″
Butt Length: 13″
Total Length: 55″
Balance Point: 14.5″ from Butt End

Shaft Material: Dark Ash
Butt Material: Ebony with single Rosewood Splice
Badge: Glass-Covered Rectangle Badge (a one-off)

– 28″ Custom Butt Replacement Extension (not screw-on below the butt)
– 26″-37″ Telescopic Extension (slip-on)

Some Aluminum Case that I bought from Day 1. (I’m surprised the case lasted this long)


The "Onionhead" that my GF bought because she says he looks like me!

The club I used to play at.

Just don’t ask me how much I spent on it. LOL
(Worth every penny though)