The Greatest Distance

“The Greatest Distance” by Esmond Ng 26/01/09 © Copyright

The greatest distance between two,
Not for when I not next to you.
But for when face to yours see,
Not oblivious to each’s burning ardency.

It is for then when you in front of me,
And yet when Love we know subsist,
And yet whilst this passion flamingly,
That we know Fate will never let us be.


The Lead Box

“The Lead Box” by Esmond Ng 08/01/09 © Copyright

Choices not apparent the always,
Deceivable most times the case,
If be uninvolved so snap smooth the first place,
Then what of choice would be it in dawning preface?

How we then make verdict of it all?
Consensus concord a volition pray.
For some in haste and foolhardy made,
Regrettable woeful will afflict its place.

Bassanio too was worriment engaged,
For dependent was Portia on his take.
Should gold, silver or lead be his box picked?
Should he cull a coward pick?

As stairs of sand they wear upon their chins,
The beard of Hercules and all their fancy things.
But inward with their milk’d white livers,
So too the precious metal boxes contain.