Love is King

“Love is King” by Esmond Ng 21/10/08 © Copyright

By King; not of monarchial palatine,
But that of sovereign authority.
That Love is King,
The potent utmost of feelings.

For towers it his adversary,
Hate that chew’d through humanity.
The nemesis most reputed regentship,
That Love defeats whole-heatedly.

So true they say of it,
Love conquers all through ages repeat.
Care it be tempestuous heat,
Love would always cool the salvage beast.

Not of just trouncing its archenemy,
The transmuting to lesser of hostilities.
Also but with Love comes many,
Blitzkrieg transmogrifications scary.

For Love can crash the deepest of seas,
From Love to Hate and aggression leads.
But too Love can scale insurmountable peaks,
Comes Joy and Happiness beyond speech.

What then cursory speak of Love we?
Nay I say speak but only reverence should we.
For it be what it is,
The root of all feelings King.


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