Can’t Edit WP Widgets

How to Edit WordPress Widgets when they don’t work¬†

There are 2 main issues with WordPress Widgets:
1) Can’t add, save, adjust, move and/or arrange the Widgets
2) Having problems clicking on the edit links of the Widgets

The first problem isn’t really an issue. All you need to know is how the system functions. This difficulty arises when we try to add widgets to the right without clicking the save button. Try adding the widgets one at a time and clicking save each time you do. After you are done with them, drag and arrange them as you’d like the order to be. Remember to click save yet again. It works the same if you are trying to remove them. Click on the edit link, remove, confirm/change/yes (if any) and click save as before. The crux? Hit the “Save”.

The second predicament is that some of us can’t find the edit link for the individual widgets! Yes, it happens to me too. When this occurs, the easiest and most probable way to access the link is with different browsers. I’m not sure why this works but more often than not, it does. If it doesn’t work on Firefox, use your IE. (vice versa)

When this fails, I’ve read that temporarily disabling your custom plugin widgets¬†may work. (The widget plugins that you downloaded and installed yourself.) My guess is that they may have some conflicting scripts in them. Very importantly, please do not delete the plugin itself as it may delete any previous information stored within them.E.g. Wall or Chatbox plugins

That being said, I wish that the above will benefit some of you accosted with the same bugaboo.


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Hi – pretty good info – but is there a wp widget editor to make it simpler? Id like to put in some other pages prior to the “Recent Posts” widget – that would be cool.

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I was actually a bit confused by all this, but thanks for taking the time to explain anyway. It was quite well written :)

roofers york

Witty! I’m bookmarking you site for future use.


thank you for the info !

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