You told me

“You told me” by Esmond Ng 29/03/05 © copyright

I’ve waited such a lonely time, yearning for nothing less,
of what past poets express’d with pens.
The plot beyond words, and story beyond thoughts,
oh how tough it was, the search.

But when my eyes met those windows of thee,
your very soul it pour’d to me.
A strange unexplainable feeling overwhelm’d it did,
the Holy One must have brought thee to me.

How we surpass’d writers of past, with no words we achiev’d more;
with no pens we wrote scores.
Music never as melodic, voices never so in one.
Thou need’d not say, I would the message.

Yes, you told me everything. Amazingly without anything saying.
Yet why need I explain, you told me already.


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