Where to find Happiness?

In response to a comment left on my last post in my previous blog; I believe there isn’t a single straight-forward answer pertaining to where you can find your happiness. Happiness is a solitary state of being. Only you, yourself will know whether you are truly in bliss. I feel it’s neither a process of searching nor attaining. When it happens, it just happens.

I can’t give you an answer because I don’t have one. I too, have yet to realize any certitude of happiness. I have on occasions came close but only to recognize they were merely glimpses of heaven.

What I can leave you with is something gained on one of those “occasions”. This very dear person said to me:

“Don’t look for happiness, let it look for you. You’ll be much happier.”
~ Bubu

I know embracing this statement leaves us in a very uncertain, volatile capacity. Nevertheless, ponder over it. I have challenged it, but on return found much solace in it. Why I found this phrase comforting? Esmond’s very own quote for October:

“What you can force, isn’t meant to be.”
~ © Esmond Ng 02/10/05


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