What Melts Your Heart

“What Melts Your Heart” © copyright 07/08/2005 Esmond Ng

My voice, an abysmal void till an appreciated ear that heard.
The song which from my withins touched when lovers’ hearts grown.
Lest it be another day, another 24 hours that will toil,
My voice, seemingly grows weak and frail when thee not by me close.

Melts your heart, my voice over song I was told;
Melts the very depths of thy all so tired and lost now rekindled soul.
What really at work is not my voice as commoners so perceived,
But is the Love from both that this voice can do its magic deed.

That this bonding between us should so unjustly be thrown; away to cold.
That which thee takes your belongings too took my very soul.
Along with it my voice, bits and pieces of me,
Are thrown on hard floor, my poor old glass heart again shattered and broke.


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