The Shattered Vase

Many people would regard one as imperfect even though it has been pieced back. Most of them would just throw it away and buy a new one. You’d probably be able to see the cracks visibly. Or even have fragments in-between missing.

Well, I have never broken one. However, I have damaged things precious to me before. I still remember vividly when I was just 13. My favourite grandma brought me something that I have always longed for. A skateboard! I clearly recall that my parents were dead against it and were so very adamant about it. Guess what? My grandma bought it for me and secretly “smuggled” it to my place! Kind of cool for a grandma eh?

Just to digress a bit, she’s longer with us. Nevertheless, I still miss her a lot and think of her every now and then. I just regret not being a filial grandson and never ever getting to tell her how much I really love her. One day, she just left us all suddenly. I know she’s happy with God now. I love you, granny.

Just last Christmas, I heard the DJ on Class 95FM asking the listeners which were their most memorable Christmas. I immediately wrote in my dedication for my granny.

“Every Christmas is just as memorable and special to me. The reason being that my granny’s birthday is on Christmas. Every year, I regret not being able to tell her how much I really love her. Thus every Christmas, I am reminded to tell all those that matter to me how much I really appreciate and cherish them.”

Didn’t know if my dedication was read out but I’m sure my granny heard it.

Back to the skateboard. Well, you know what they say about such things? You always break something. In my case, I broke the skateboard and almost broke my ankle along with it! It could not be repaired but I still have and keep it today.

You see. It’s not the broken skateboard or vase that is the issue. It’s what the item really represents to you that is important. To me, it’s not a malfunctioning skateboard but an item of love from grandma to me. It just depends how bad you still want the vase. Of course, only you alone will truly know your vase’s weightage and appeal. Follow your heart and you will be happy.


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