“June – Esmond Ng, 26/08/04” © copyright

She’s a darling. She really is.
No second thoughts, no doubts about it.
Red be the colour of bloom’d rose petals,
Not close to the red of her lips.

If fair be the colour of beauty skin,
So fairer are thou’s character from which beauty brims.
Never less, only more be more;
This eternal goddess, nymph to not only the Greeks.

Lovely never knew another name.
June from winter springs.
May is just the preceeding,
From where this fair maiden begins.

Sure, the cycles will always be unchang’d,
The days, the nights, tides which fade then rise.
As death comes with winter brings,
Hastened be our meetings that winter chase’d.

But no, the sun will never be dimm’d.
Much less a cloud with linnings untrimm’d,
Ever be near to tarnish her golden beam.
No, the cold winds will never win.


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