Half-Past Midnight

“Half-Past Midnight” by Esmond Ng © copyright 09/08/05

Half-Past Midnight, a time I look forward to every night recently;
When I stay glued to wait for Thee’s voice on other line so religiously.
That when retrospectively think back of these,
How many lovely nights did we chat away in secrecy?

Now that Thee is somewhat further away, snatched from me;
Does it mean that I wait not for Thee’s voice same time each lonely dark be?
Nay, I tell Thee I still do the same for now and eternity,
As long as I deem it all to be worth it; with no regrets live.

Even now it’s be somewhat long past it,
I long and pray even for a short message to make it sweet.
That each gloomy sky without hearing your voice gentle callings,
How then can you expect that I “Please to bed early”?


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