From my eyes

Poor thing. (Image used with owner's permission)

Poor thing. (Image used with owner's permission)

“From my eyes” by Esmond Ng © copyright 14/11/05

From my eyes,
Bustling profuse on streets.
Yet no one turns twice to see,
The agony I terrible be.

Stricken; injured leg I laid,
By the bin eyes so wretchedly.
None to hear my mewls aid,
None to helplessness I can relate.

From my eyes,
All caught up in own busy day.
How so no one to avail my pain?
Seems compassion yesteryear a trait.

For I am exposed feeble,
Without human speech and expression.
Without which I am prostrated,
To Death a certitude fate.

Although stray my parentage,
I am living and with filled feelings.
I am just a little kitten impoverished by strain,
Just a kitty, please on me have pity.


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