A story about Grapes

Grapes are generally sweet and pleasant; the delicacy amongst the already palatable. However, around these gorgeous creations of God lie vines which tangle and twist; detesting and cumbersome.

I first heard of Grapevines some good 7 years ago. Little mentioned and quickly left forsaken. Yet yesterday, the power of Grapevines dawned on me like lightning strike. Loosely defined, it means the passage of information through channels of informal communication. Then I realized how easy it was for someone to find out something about me through yet another. Be it gossip or just innocent chat, the Grapevine does exist and has its place in our society.

How then can we managed this instrument to our advantage or diminish it’s damage to our reputation? One with a scheming mind will probably be a master at this. I believe that we ought to foremost know that our every movement and language is being watched constantly; whether we know it, like it or not. Like stealing honey from bees, we should be mindful of our actions and words. Someone, somewhere will hear of it! In order to enjoy the “grapes” instead of entangling in the “vines”, must we always be cautious and put up bulwarks? What society is this then, when we cannot freely express ourselves without worry? What has the world we live in become? It is scary, truly scary.

Esmond’s very own quote of the day:
“Good news travel, bad ones God Speed.”


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